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Our Vision

  • To foster the development and well being of our children and youth.
  • To empower our families.
  • To strengthen our community.

Our Mission

  • To provide human and health services to children, youth, and families of our community.
  • To promote moral, cultural, educational, social, counseling, and mental health services.
  • To introduce the Islamic traditions and values in prevention, therapeutic, treatment and rehabilitation aspects.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1:

To promote moral, cultural, educational, and social services to children, youth and families


  • To provide moral system to foster the development and well-being of children, youth and families of our community.
  • To provide various cultural and educational services to help people develop and establish a prosperous community
  • To promote education, research, and training activities
  • To conduct educational and research activities and share such knowledge through meetings, seminars, workshops, publications and other means of communication.
  • To provide social services to enable community members to establish a noble and stable life.

Goal 2:

To offer family services to our community


  • To help people look for their future spouses
  • To offer premarital education and counseling
  • To offer marriage counseling and conduct marriage contract
  • To intervene in family conflicts and disputes
  • To offer divorce counseling
  • To offer death counseling
  • To help in documenting Islamic Will

Goal 3:

To promote mental health services to children, youth and families


  • To provide mental health services to Muslims that are responsive to cultural concerns, including their Islamic traditions, beliefs and values
  • To provide outreach and support to the families and friends of persons with mental health problems, and assist them in finding resources aimed at prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation
  • To carry out educational and training programs in coordination with Muslim and non-Muslim organizations in order to facilitate better professional and public awareness and understanding of social and mental health problems.
  • To develop expertise and resources to respond to the resettlement issues of mental and social adjustment for Muslim refugees in Minnesota and to contribute to the development of a deeper clinical understanding to providing services that are more appropriate.
  • To promote special awareness and understanding to overcome social stigma surrounding mental health issues in the Muslim community.
  • To provide consultation to other healthcare organizations and develop collaborative relationships with major medical schools and centers that is conducting scientific research activities.

Goal 4:

To prevent and intervene in Domestic Family violence and abuse:


  • To raise the awareness of family violence and domestic abuse.
  • To offer prevention and interventions services in such areas

Goal 5:

To help needy children and families


  • To help widows and orphans in our community to fulfill their life?s needs
  • To establish a food shelf program to help the needy
  • To help those who are in need financially from Zakah and Sadaqah fund

Goal 6:

To offer psycho-social and developmental services to children, youth and families


  • To offer basic developmental and behavioral aspects of children, adolescents and youth
  • To offer classes on how parents raise their children utilizing the Islamic perspective
  • To help kids who run away, be indulged in gangs activities, drug abuse or teen age pregnancy

Goal 7:

To promote special needs services to children, youth and families


  • To provide services for children, youth, and adults who seek special needs (i.e. handicap, mental and physical disabilities and emotional disturbances)
  • To promote special awareness and understanding to overcome social stigma surrounding handicapping and disability issues in the Muslim and non-Muslim communities.



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